Hopeful Amid-Poetry Book


A collection of poetry for turbulent times.

Each order contains ONE book.



Each order contains ONE book

A collection of poetry for turbulent times.

When I’m writing, it’s the only time that I feel truly free.
In spontaneity, free to just do and to be.

There’s something really powerful about just creating out of thin air. I wrote this book to help people. It’s layman’s poetry , focused on simple moments. In the face of an unprecedented pandemic, this collection was also created in order to provide encouragement and hope amid all that is happening.

Some of the poems, such as “Boredom”, serve as a way to capture the feelings and sentiments of this unique turning point in history (circa March 2020). I hope to give my readers a new perspective when
they look at these little moments that are often overlooked in our hurriedness.

Poetry isn’t always about love, gore, and tragedy. It’s about refreshing new perspectives, drama or not.